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How would you feel reaching goals above and beyond those you had believed possible and you had fun along the way?... Well you can, and here at Urban Fitness Training our philosophy is be all you can be and more!

Urban Fitness Training presents one of the most popular and exciting methods of training in our outdoor fitness sessions “Outbound & Beyond”. Challenging the traditional stereotypes of outdoor fitness sessions, UFT’s Outbound & Beyond are all encompassing programmes of fitness instruction, nutritional analysis, guidance and motivational training. You will be inspired! Training in both a fun and challenging environment participating in fantastic workouts led by fully qualified fitness professionals.

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We’re not military!.... We’re Fitness Professionals....

Urban Fitness Training Outbound and Beyond challenges the traditional stereotypes of outdoor fitness bootcamps. Long gone are the days of back breaking regimented marine drills, where more emphasis is put on how many you can do as opposed to how well you are doing them! Our sessions are both fun and personal, and under the guidance of fully qualified highly experienced exercise professionals, who’s priority is your workout! With emphasis solely on our members exercise technique and movement, sessions will challenge an individuals core stability, flexibility, strength, endurance and cardiovascular fitness. With use of outdoor fitness friendly equipment, coupled with full body functional workouts to ensure maximal results, Urban Fitness Training Outbound and Beyond provides you with the tools needed to unlock your true potential...

Nobody will be left behind or asked to complete more than they are safely capable of, as in the same way nobody will go home feeling unchallenged! All sessions will include alternative exercises to suit your physical fitness level, and through our experience and understanding, Urban Fitness Training will help you stick to a progressive workout programme which will carry over into other parts of your life, and give you a feeling of renewed energy and empowerment.

Where will the sessions be held?

Our outdoor sessions take place at Old Deer Park, Richmond, TW9 2SF (Off the A316), and our meeting point within the park will be wherever you see our company flag positioned. The meeting point for our sessions will vary from week to week, so be sure to LOOK FOR THE FLAG! We recommend that you arrive to the park 15 minutes before the session start time so you can locate the session meeting point and liaise with your instructors.

Look for the flag

What should I bring to the session?

When you come to an outdoor session whether it is your first or your 50th, it’s in your interests to adhere to the following checklist:

• No valuables except keys will be taken by your instructor. DO NOT BRING MOBILE PHONES, SUN GLASSES, WALLETS, PURSES, CASH, ETC.
• Ensure you have a bottle of water or juice to replenish any fluids lost through sweat during the session, and a sweat towel for use during recovery breaks.
• Suitable footwear is essential when training outside, so no flat sole shoes! Ensure you wear something with a cushioned sole, any cross training or running shoe is suitable.
• Suitable clothing is also extremely important when exercising outside. As our sessions run all year round what you wear will vary depending on the seasons. In the summer months t shirts and shorts will suffice, but as temperatures begin to drop, running trousers and under garments are advisable as are fleeces or sweatshirts. Through months November to February, temperatures can often drop quite low, so we also recommend a hat and suitable waterproof gloves to deal with the winter weather conditions.
• Be sure to arrive for every session 15 minutes before the start time.

When are the outdoor sessions?

Saturday 9 - 10 am (1 hour) Old Deer Park


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